stop the music sito

First novel by musician (field recordings and tapes experiments) Rinus Van Alebeek


134 pages

12 euros + delivery expenses

Published by Cavelonte Edizioni and Swollen Avantgarde in 2015

Language: English

Edition of 50

Catalogue number: CE00104




A cut-up magazine by Daniele Pezzi


Few weeks ago i found myself flipping through the pages of my old “Contemporary Art” magazines. A collection gathered in years of passionate following of the “Art World”’s magnetic charm. I was sitting there and i suddenly realized how useless they are today. Now it’s clear that all this magnificent display of Art wasn’t really authentic. Most of the art-works displayed on their pages were ads paid by galleries/museums/ etc. to promote their importance, strengthening their power, and increasing their value. Being featured on those magazines was like reaching the top. Even if your photo was big like a stamp and described by less than thirty words. I decided that their era was over. Then i started gluing all this “Art” together in a mash-up of grotesque imperfection. Transforming Years of illusions in to one last “magazine”. DANIELE PEZZI


40 pages in color and black and white

15 euros + delivery expenses

year: 2014

Language: Italian/english

Edition of 30

Catalogue number: CE00102